Join Kanù’s Mug Club for an exclusive membership designed to enhance your dining and brewery experience. With a one-time entry fee of $100, you’ll unlock a suite of benefits tailored for our valued members:


Exclusive Mug Use

Enjoy the privilege of using a special 21 oz mug for the price of a regular 16oz & 14oz pours, exclusively at Kanù. This offer applies to all Kanù-brewed beers on tap, excluding guest taps. Specialty brews with high ABV may be limited for 21oz pours at management’s discretion to ensure responsible drinking practices.

Discounts & Special Offers

Daily Discounts: Your 21 oz mug gets you more beer for the price of a 16 oz pour or 14 oz pour, Available every day.

Meal Discount: A 10% discount on meals. Enhancing your dining experience with us.

Mug Club Wednesdays and Thursdays: From 4-7 PM, members can savor discounted brews and food celebrating midweek with great deals.

Prize Opportunities: Stand a chance to win concert tickets, discounted meals, and other exciting prizes, adding more value to your membership.

Membership Rules & Renewal

Annual Renewal: Keep your membership active with an annual renewal fee of $50, ensuring continued access to all the perks and benefits.

Non-Transferable: Membership benefits are exclusive to you and cannot be transferred to others.

Mug Replacement: In case your official mug is broken, a replacement fee of $40 applies.

Policy Adherence: We expect all members to adhere to Kanù’s policies and local liquor laws. Non-compliance may lead to membership revocation.

No Preferential Seating: Mug Club members are welcomed on a “first come, first serve” basis, just like all our guests.

Stay Connected: Keep us updated with your current email and phone number to ensure you don’t miss out on any member-exclusive communication.

By joining Kanù’s Mug Club, you’re more than a guest; you’re a part of our community. We’re excited to share our passion for exceptional beer and food with you.
Welcome to the Club!

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